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Marketing Consultant

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How It

In your first few years of business, you received a lot of new clients from it’s newness and word of mouth. (Shout out to friends and family who share what we’re doing!)

During this time, you invested a lot into your brand. You hired a graphic designer to develop a nice logo, created a user-friendly website, and racked up a nice amount of followers on social media. (Not as many as you’d like, but not bad!)

Then Comes

Although your followers are double-tapping, they’re not tapping into your services or putting money in your pockets. Your branding is beautiful, yet it hasn’t attracted enough new customers in a while. And even worse, the few website visitors you receive are exiting your site first glance.

The initial hype of your new business has calmed down and you’ve found yourself on a cash flow rollercoaster, unable to truly predict your next lead, client, or sale.

Comes Me


I provide marketing communication solutions and systems to effectively market your small business online, as well as effectively attract and convert prospective clients into profitable clients.

I do this by helping you clarify and communicate your brand’s value, and automate your marketing outputs so you can spend less time working IN your business, and more time working ON and growing your business.


Clarify My Brand

Designed for business owners who aren’t sure about who they serve, how they do it, and their purpose for doing it. Consumers can’t make a decision in chaos. Clarity is the solution to confusion.


Communicate My Brand

Designed for business owners who not only lack clarity about their business and their target consumer, but struggle with effectively communicating their value in a way the converts potential clients into profitable clients.


Grow My Small Business

Designed for small business owners with at least 2-5 team members who are ready to get off the cash flow rollercoaster and implement an automated marketing system that consistently attracts leads and converts them into new clients.




Digife: Video Production Company

Before joining the team as a marketing partner and client strategist, Digife’s (known as Digital Cafe at the time) CEO reached out to brittany for brand strategy and marketing support.

Client Challenges:

  1. Needed clarity with identifying the right target client, and key differentiator among many video production companies

  2. Needed website copy that effectively communicated their value and spoke the language of their target clients

  3. Needed materials and sales language to pitch and acquire new clients through email marketing and in-person presentations.

Brittany Delivered:

A refreshed brand strategy with a primary and secondary target client analysis, and niche clarity

A new brand name, Digife! When searched on the web, “Digital Cafe” returned as many coffee shops with free wifi. To differentiate itself, I recommended the name change “Digife" (pronounced Di-Ji-Fay)

Brand new website copy & communications foundation to increase search results success and clearly communicate the value of the business, it’s unique value proposition, and brand values. This language also translated over to all social media copy.

Client acquisition materials and email marketing language. To continuously acquire new business, Brittany created a proposals and other sales materials that can be tailored for specific clients. She also developed sales scripts, presentation scripts, and common response email templates to convert potential clients into profitable clients.

"Brittany helped us get to the next level. She implemented a lot of practices that I never knew about, and pushed the element of not only marketing strategy but business practices. She brought a flare to the company that we never had before."

— Eric Seals, Founder & CEO of Digife


Speaking & Events

Whether I’m teaching a workshop at a conference, or hosting one of my own, I enjoy connecting with ambitious entrepreneurs who want to clarify their brands, communicate valuable messages, and most importantly, grow their business.